No Prep Veneers case

We recently transformed a young woman’s smile by adding Viveneers, or no preparation veneers, to her existing front teeth. She is so thrilled about the results.

This month, we are offering a no cost consultation to see if you are a good candidate for Viveneers or just traditional Veneers, where we reduce the front side of the teeth slightly before placing the Veneers.

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WIN A WEEKEND GETAWAY!sunset over snow ENJOY 3 DAYS, 2 NIGHTS IN MAMMOTH Stay in a fully renovated comfortable condo that sleeps up to 8 people. For a Chance to Win, Simply Refer a New Patient/Family to Our Office. The more referrals you make, the more chances...
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Look Younger By Whitening Your Smile!

PEOPLE OFTEN TURN TO fancy-pants hair styles, costly skin care procedures, hip wardrobes, or even surgical procedures to look and feel younger. However, studies have shown that your smile can do more to make you look younger than anything else! Even when you take good...
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Keeping Your Smile White And Bright

WITH WHITE CLOTHES, SOMETIMES IT TAKES fa little bleach and a little sunlight to bring them back to their beautiful brightness! Over time, and even when freshly washed, a t-shirt and socks will start looking like they’re losing some of their zip. The same...
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3 New Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate

Chocolate has all but been elevated to superfood status. And the benefits of chocolate keep rolling in. So here are three more reasons why you may not want to be too quick to break that chocolate habit. (As long as you're hitting the dark stuff.) ...
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Homogenized Milk Myths Busted

Nearly every aspect of cow’s milk inspires debate—from its fat, protein and sugar (lactose) content to the hormone residues it may contain, the pasteurization process it undergoes, and even its very suitability for human consumption. We’ve discussed all that, but some of our readers...
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salmon jpgBottom line: The proposed cardiovascular benefits of fish oil supplements now seem uncertain. Some major studies are underway and may help clarify matters. In any case, your best bet is to get your omega-3s from...
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Probiotics in Yogurt – Bottom Line

Whether yogurts and other fermented dairy products (such as kefir) provide probiotic health benefits is debatable, but they are excellent foods, high in protein and calcium. The voluntary “Live & Active Culture” seal from the National Yogurt Association is the best assurance that a...
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Pregnancy and Smoking

Know a pregnant smoker who's planning to quit the instant she gives birth? Speed-dial her and say, "Not soon enough!" A study of 8- to 16-year-olds shows that kids exposed to smoke in the womb are six times more likely to have asthma than...
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Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives

Baby-in-orange-shirt-with-two-teeth-smilingIn August of 2012, the Ad Council joined with The Partnership for Health Mouths, Healthy Lives, a coalition of more than 35 leading dental health organizations, to debut Kids’ Healthy Mouths. Dental decay...
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