Monthly Archives: April 2009

Summary of UC Berkeley health findings

1. Should anyone still take Vitamin E? " Bottom line: Get your vitamin E from food, not supplements. The supplements have not proved beneficial, and may even be risky. Most people can benefit from a basic multivitamin/mineral supplement, which usually supplies the RDA for vitamin...
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Importance of Brushing before Sleeping

Did you know....that during the day, your mouth swallows an average of 2,000 times, helping to flush out bacteria (plaque)? At night, it swallows only about 20 times while you sleep, allowing bacteria (plaque) to build up. That's why it's so important to brush and...
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Inaugural Entry of my blog

Aloha, My name is Larry J. Diamond, D.D.S. and this is my first posting on this blog. My idea is to create an up-to-date information source for my patients, colleagues, and community. I would like to include current topics of dental concern, general health issues,...
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