Brush out the Old Brush

Question: My 3 year old has become attached to her toothbrush. It’s shaped like a ballerina and she just loves it. The problem is that it’s getting kind of worn down and she does not want a new one. How long should I let her use it?

Answer: Though it is great she has found a toothbrush she likes, the general rule of thumb is that if the bristles are spreading out and no longer straight, it’s time for a new brush. Most brushes should be replaced after about 3-6 months, or after your child has had an infection or strep throat.
To help your child give up her worn-out brush, have her choose a new one she likes. There are many fun children’s brushes available now, so she should not have any problem finding a new favorite.If we can make the task fun, we as parents will win most of the battles before they begin.

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