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E-cigs: Keeping Smokers Hooked?

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are promoted as a healthier, cleaner, and cheaper alternative to regular cigarettes. But no one really knows how much safer e-cigs are, since there has been little good research on the health effects and no data on their long-term use. Any...
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Asians and Alcohol

asiansandalcohol         Q: Why do many Asians flush when they drink alcohol? Is this dangerous? A: Sometimes called the Asian flush or Asian glow because it is very common in people from East Asia (such as China, Japan,...
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No Prep Veneers case

We recently transformed a young woman’s smile by adding Viveneers, or no preparation veneers, to her existing front teeth. She is so thrilled about the results.

This month, we are offering a no cost consultation to see if you are a good candidate for Viveneers or just traditional Veneers, where we reduce the front side of the teeth slightly before placing the Veneers.

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