Gum Care Month!


September is Gum Care Month. Did you know that gum disease impacts about 67 million Americans? All of your daily brushing and flossing habits along with regular dental hygiene visits will help to keep gingivitis and periodontitis at bay. But what are these diseases and how can you keep your gums happy and healthy? We’re glad you asked!

Gingivitis is caused by bacteria-filled plaque on your gum line. This is often painless, so many people go untreated, which can turn a little plaque into full-blown gum disease. Periodontis, if it goes untreated, can lead to damaged soft tissue, destroyed bones in your jaw, and even tooth loss.

The last thing we want is for your gums to cause these problems! So – are you taking good care of your gums?

Check back in next month for some more dental news and tips to keep your oral health in tip-top shape! And if you need some help keeping those pearly whites looking good, you can schedule an appointment by calling us at (562) 430-1013 or (714) 828-5951, or going to our Website at and clicking on “Book Now” at top right corner of the Main page.