I get a monthly subscription to UC Berkeley Wellness Letter. I would like to share some quick facts that may be interesting to people regarding your health.

* Prehypertension is when your blood pressure is between 120-139/80-89. Compared with people who have normal blood pressure, those with prehypertension are 2x as likely to develop full-blown hypertension, and 3.5x more likely to suffer heart attacks. Fortunately, lifestyle measures can make a real impact on lowering blood pressure.

* Since the early 1970’s American men have increased their daily calorie intake by an average of 179 calories, and women by 199 calories. Nearly all of those added calories came from carbohydrates, according to a recent study in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”.During this time, the obesity rate more than doubled.

* People with high HDL (“good”) cholesterol are more likely to live to age 85 and are less likely to develop colon cancer, according to 2 recent studies.

* Frequent business travelers are at higher risk for health problems, suggests a large new study from Columbia University. It found that people who travel 14 days or more a month for work were more likely to be obese and report their health as poor or fair than those who travel less often, after controlling for age, sex, race and ethnicity.

* If you can’t multitask as well as you used to, it’s not your imagination. The ability to switch between tasks decreases with age.

* Not only are smoking rates in the U.S. half what they were 45 years ago, but the remaining smokers light up much less- especially in California, according to a recent study in the “Journal of the American Medical Association”.

* Keeping blood pressure, cholesterol and other cardiovascular risk factors under control may slow memory loss.

I hope you thought these were interesting facts. If you would like to hear more updated facts in the future, please let me know. I would like to thank UCB Wellness Letter for supplying the facts for this article.