Book for Kids Scared of Dental Visits

If your child has had an unpleasant experience at a dental office, maybe the following book may help…

Brothers write book for kids scared of dentists
By DrBicuspid Staff

January 19, 2009 — A Maryland dentist, picking up the work of his dead brother, has published a book to help children overcome their fear of the dentist, according to the Associated Press (AP).

Blair McNinch was working on the book, Woogie the Wombat in ‘The Dentist,’ when he died in 2005, the AP reported.

In the book, a wombat seeks advice from other zoo animals about visiting the dentist, and ultimately has a successful first visit. The dentist in the book, Dr. Robinson, was named after Blair McNinch’s brother, Eugene Robinson McNinch, D.D.S., of Denton, the Record Observer newspaper reported.

Dr. McNinch finished the book after his brother’s death and reached a deal with Tate Publishing, which released the book in December 2008, the AP said.

Profits will be donated to a charity benefiting schools in El Salvador, the news service reported.

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