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Cheese and Dental Cavities

Ever since lab studies more than 30 years ago found that rats fed cheese didn’t develop cavities, this dairy food has been touted as being good for teeth. Some human research also supports the idea that cheese does not promote cavities and may help...
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Dirty Mouth

girl_kissing_boys_cheek You might think twice before kissing. The most polluted part of your body is your mouth. It’s true for everyone, so don’t take it personally. In one mouth alone, the number of bacteria can easily...
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Summer Fun

[caption id="attachment_1443" align="alignleft" width="300"]Girl on holidays with a perfect white smile bathing in a pool on vacations What better way to usher in Summer than a Professional Cleaning and Whitening of those "pearly whites". We...
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Brush out the Old Brush

new_slider_3 Question: My 3 year old has become attached to her toothbrush. It's shaped like a ballerina and she just loves it. The problem is that it's getting kind of worn down and she does not...
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Case of the Month

2AfterImplantCrown 1BeforeImplantCrown I will include a recent Before and After photo, and describe the benefits of this procedure for this patient. He unfortunately lost a tooth, and we replaced...
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Cereal: How Sweet Is It?

cereal Cereal is a good breakfast choice, right? Yes, if it’s made from whole grains, which are packed with nutrients and fiber. But not if it’s loaded with sugar—as many are. According to a new report...
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